Pandora Star 

Light Journey









Raise your consciousness by using light!


Through closed eyelids, Light passes through photosensitive cells in the Retina, activating the Pineal Gland where individuals experience a journey of their own design!


Utilizing a group of flickering LED lights at different frequencies, brainwave activity goes beyond deep meditation, from Theta, to Alpha, Gamma, and even HyperGamma & Lambda Wave states!


This is a powerful tool in healing the subtle energy bodies, heightening awareness, and bringing about physical Homeostasis, Vitality, & Health!


Through continuous use of this light therapy,

one can expect to receive:


Pineal Gland De-Calcification

Healthy Sleep Cycles

Joyful Happiness

Memory Improvement

Mental Focus

Vivid Lucid Dreaming

Deeper Breathing

Relaxation & Feelings of



We fully believe in the power of this Light Therapy because it has worked for us and so many other Brothers & Sisters who have tried it!


Sessions can be done quickly, even in the small space of a home or office.

We are portable so travel arrangements can be made if desired!


Come Get Activated! 



For an Individual Session 



For a Package of 4 Individual Sessions (Get 1 Free)



For a Package of 7 Individual Sessions (Get 2 Free)





~ Blessings & So much Love ~