Orgonite is a layered composition of :


                ~ Organic Carbon-based Material (Clear Casting Resin)

                ~ Inorganic Conductive Material (Copper, Brass, Aluminum)

                ~ Piezo-Electric Crystals and Minerals (When under pressure, emit voltage)




      Through the layering process, we create conduction between the metals & crystals in the carbon based matrix. As the matrix consistently constricts upon the crystals, they emit subtle voltage. All this in unison creates a harmonius toroidal field of electromagnetic frequency, pumping out negative Ions (Orgone), beneficial to the human body and cellular regeneration. 



       Orgonite is also exceptional in ascending all disharmonius and destructive electromagnetic frequency and radiation into a wavelength that is harmonius and healing. They are very useful in areas of high Electric activity such as by Computers, Wifi routers, Phones, & Microwaves.













           Placing Orgonite by your bedside is a must for regeneration and healing.

          It can also enhance lucid dreaming, astral travel, and past life regression. 
















"Custom-Made Orgone" - is our specialty and we would

be honored to craft your medicine ~ <3 



 If you feel called to work with a

personal piece please send us an email!




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