Crystal & Sound Healing





We start by placing Healing Crystals associated with the Chakras & Energy Meridians on and around the body. With Intuitive Guidance, we place one or more Crystals in the hands, feet, and crown, depending on what will serve in the moment.


From here, we emerge the energy of Sacred Sound, using Vocal Toning, Drum, & Chime.

The Tibetan Bowls begin singing as the Gong rumbles to start the journey inward.

The experience is profound, healing, and rejuvenating and can reach deep into cellular memory, cleansing old stagnant energies and memories that no longer serve.


The space that is held in this healing is very Sacred & Powerful, and it is always done in private so that the individual can feel secure in their releasing.




For a 60 Minute Session




For a 90 Minute Session



For Package of 4 (Get 1 Free)

60 Minute Sessions



For Package of 4 (Get 1 Free)

90 Minute Sessions



We are Honored to serve on your healing path and look forward to

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With so Much Love


Ptolomek & Leela